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Music research links and forms to help you Copyright your own personal work.
Here are some helpful links to help you copyright your own work
or to find that artist that is in your upcoming soundtrack.
Type in only parts of the title that you are sure are correct.
Do not use the first word  such as:  A, An, The, etc...

All royalty fees are collected by these three music organizations.  
I would start at the top and work your way down.
Also at the bottom of this page you will find useful links and copyright forms.
Good Luck.


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Enter the Song Title:



Enter the Song Title:





ALL MUSIC GUIDE - Pinpoint the music you want with one of the most powerful on-line research tools.

ASCAP CLEARANCE EXPRESS (ACE) - Provides composer and publisher information for over 4 million copyrights represented by ASCAP. You can also learn more about ASCAP’s legislative work on behalf of composers, publishers and music copyright owners.

BMI REPERTOIRE DATABASE - Provides composer and publisher information for copyrights represented by BMI (including some PRS composers for which BMI represents works in the U.S.,)

KOHN ON MUSIC LICENSING – Another powerful site specializing in music law and copyright protection.

Online Supplement to Kohn On Music Licensing 
This is the online supplement to our book, Kohn On Music Licensing. In this section, we will bring you late breaking information on the law and business of music licensing, including the latest changes in the copyright law, emerging music licensing practices on the Internet, and new legal forms.

SESAC REPERTORY ON-LINE (SRO) – Provides composer and publisher information for copyrights represented by SESAC. SESAC is a newer American publishing society than ASCAP and BMI.

- An ever-growing database of accurate song lyrics, searchable by Artist, Album, and Song Titles.


UNITED STATES COPYRIGHT OFFICE - General information about copyrights and copyright searches from the Library of Congress. click on this link to get copyright forms from the library of congress.  http://www.loc.gov/copyright/reg.html 

Circular 56a Musical Compositions and Sound Recordings
Form PA with instructions, Performance Art

Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA"), was enacted into law.

Form VA with instructions, Short Form VA  Form for Visual Arts

COPYRIGHT LAW OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA  This link contains all of the updated laws of copyright from the library of congress.

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